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The Guide to Office Moving



If you are moving an office you should know that it is a huge responsibility. During the office moving you are required to have an accurate coordination of all the budgets you have, meeting deadlines, and all your staff and other people to make your move a success. If you know the best practice and what is the right and the wrong thing to do will help you organize and manage the office move project better You will also have the confidence that your relocation project is on the right track so that you get a smooth and a successful transition. The following are the dos and don'ts during an office transition.

The first thing you should do is planning ahead and start organizing your office moves as early as possible. You should plan your office move 9-18 months before you relocate and before your current leasing expires. These few months will give you an ample time to prepare yourself and organize yourself for the office moving. You should also take professional advice from experts http://bcsbestmove.com/. You should get professional advice from removal companies, office designers and property agents. With the right advice you will find yourself in the right office space, you will sign the right terms and get the best design and layout.

You should form an internal office relocation team http://bcsbestmove.com/other-services/packing-supplies/ with some of your colleagues to ensure that you will get maximum support from your organisation. Always keep all your staffs up to date. You will need to make regular communication to your staff members so that they may have an idea of what you are planning. You should keep your hand in the office moving checklist that indicates all the activities to be carried out. Once you get the checklist you will be guided through the office moving process without and disruptions.


The don'ts of office moving include the following; The office lease is very important and you should not move without checking it. You should not underestimate your future growth plans and the place your business will be in the next 10-15 years to come. You should consider this when you are choosing your new office. Don't move out of an office without a clear budget. With a clear budget you are able to avoid unclear wastage of resources. You should not sign anything before taking legal and professional advice. You should never take all the clutter with you. The amount of office space will be highly reduced and will help the creation of more space for important office issues.